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Tasty and Crunchy


We and we serve the best , Mastermade Bio Combines Pvt Ltd, a natural and organic food manufacturers and suppliers, was founded in 2005 as a small scale business based in Kottayam, one of the main town in South India. The company started with a minimum effort but took maximum care in quality and dedication for their products. As of their prime obligation to the public, Mastermade Bio Combines Pvt Ltd, always analyses their customer’s healthy needs and try to full fill them satisfactorily.

Choose & Taste

Mera Natural Products

Cashew Dates (350g)

Almond Dates (350g)

Premium Dates (350g)

Raisins (300g)

Dry Fruits (300g)

Raisins Pouch (200g)

Premium Dates Pouch (500g)

Premium Dates Pouch (250g)

Persian Premium Dates (500g)

Persian Premium Dates (250g)

Persian Original Dates (500g)

Persian Original Dates (250g)

Hocks Corn Flakes Original (500GM)

Hocks Corn Flakes With Rich Strawberry Syrup (200GM)

Hocks Corn Flakes With Pure Honey (200GM)

Hocks Choco Pecks Tasty & Authentic Chocolaty Breakfast (200GM)